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Our aim is to work with our customers, partners, shareholders, and policymakers to advance efficient and viable uses of energy. We aim to further the energy needs of society in ways that are economical, socially and environmentally viable, today and in the future.

In all our physical operations, we seek to work with partners who share our common commitment toward high international standards of operation. The infrastructure upon which we rely, from ships to jetties to storage and land logistics, is subject to our due diligence processes.


Iraq Oil Tanker Company (IOTC) is a Strategic Business Partner of Al Iraqia Shipping Services and Oil Trading. IOTC is one of the principal Iraqi state-owned companies, responsible for the transportation of Iraqi crude oil and refined petroleum products.

The company was established in 1972 with its main base of operations in Basra. IOTC provides our company with over 40 years of Iraq oil industry shipping experience and logistical support.


Arab Maritime Petroleum Transport Company (AMPTC) is a Strategic Business Partner of Al Iraqia Shipping Services and Oil Trading and contributes to the overall strategic direction and management of the company through the Board of Directors.

AMPTC was established in 1973 by member countries of the ORGANIZATION OF ARAB PETROLEUM EXPORTING COUNTRIES (O.A.P.E.C.) in accordance with a decree of the Council of Oil of its Member States.

AMPTC is missioned to provide maritime transport services of hydrocarbon substances for the benefit of O.A.P.E.C. and its members, as well as, to trade independently in the international market.

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