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We cautiously manage the risks involved in our sector and take our responsibilities extremely seriously. We pursue a high level of performance, providing a strong and long-term position in challenging situations where we conduct our business.

Corporate Structure & Governance

We are a private company with main offices in Iraq and United Arab Emirates.

Our regional and trading operations are supported out of Geneva, London and Singapore, in order to successfully address diverse markets with unique requirements.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of senior representatives of the shareholders, while key committees include the Management, Compliance and Risk Committees.

Risk Managament, Systems, and Controls

We know that understanding and assessing risk is crucial for building a future-proof and resilient business.
That is why Iraqia’s business is built upon expertise, efficiency and management of risk.
Every day, we strive to create a culture of accountability and measured approach to risk.


We have rigorous policies and procedures in place to ensure that our operations comply with all relevant national and international legislations and regulations. With pride in our expertise and company culture nurturing accountability, we are a trusted and reliable business partner, delivering products our clients need on time and to specification. The policies and their implementation are overseen by the Compliance Committee.

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