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With a focus on delivering exceptional shipping services and logistical support, AISSOT owns and charters ships of various sizes to deliver our products internationally.

Our fleet is managed through professional dedicated staff located in our offices, while our business strategy is based on offering our clients consistent, reliable service to harness long term partnerships.

We are shipping crude oil and petroleum products in large tankers from oil fields to end-user clients and customers, with our logistics capabilities as our main competitive advantage, constantly minimizing the expenses and finding innovative ways to be more efficient.

Technical Managament

There is a number of duties you have to perform for the technical operation of a vessel. Thanks to our expert teams and technical managers, we own in-house processes related to service and maintenance, logistics and crew management and more.

Relying on our expertise and aiming to always deliver outstanding services, we have become a reliable partner when it comes to technical management, along with our main business operations. We can deliver and customize services to each individual partner, focusing on long-term relationships and mutual success.


Aiming to always expand our business, outperform and set new standards, we are focusing on financial services and cooperation within the oil and gas industry. For instance, our services can go from providing affiliated companies to build the infrastructure needed or accessing world-class technology, to managing risk and offering consultation services in order to help our partners be more profitable.

Having a strong position in the Iraqi and global market, based on our expertise and reliability, we can provide you with every type of support in order to grow your oil and gas related business.

Risk Managament

In an ever changing, dynamic environment with unique needs and conditions, our business is built upon expertise and a successful track record when it comes to managing and understanding risk.

We have a data-driven, measured approach to risk combined with focus on the preservation of capital, nurturing a culture of accountability, responsibility and focus on long term relationships and mutual growth.

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